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The National Opera

Chisinau, Moldova

The Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Moldova is the pride of the national musical culture. 

For the Republic of Moldova as well as for the majority of Europeen states, Ballet and Opera Theatre represents awareness at a superior level of a spiritual recovery of the people national essence. In 2007, the 50th anniversary from the institutionalization of National Opera in Chișinău was marked. This institution of a great importance for the national culture represents a symbol of a high civic responsability towards the national traditions. 

This place is famous for its singing voices. It is very rich in gifted people whom nature endowed with vocal ability. The theatre has always attracted  many opera tours. Many famous singers visited and performed here. The beginning of the oppening of Opera Theatre was in the middle of ‛50s. In 1956 the first performance was acted. All these years it was full with everything that could show and consolidate the results of collaboration of many generations of artists-singers and dancers, conductors and producers, of many art adherends of that big collective whose name is Theatre. In the early ‛60s a new generation joined the theatre company, one of which was the young graduate of local conservatory Maria Bieșu. Every year the international festival „Maria Bieșu invites” gathers many world-known artists.


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