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The Monument - Ștefan Cel Mare

Chisinau, Moldova

In 1923-1928 the sculptor Alexandru Plămădeală was proposed to elaborate a project of „Ștefan cel Mare” monument. In order to make the exact figure of Ștefan cel Mare, the sculptor traveled to a lot of monasteries until he had found a perfect model that date from 1475. A. Plămădeală used this picture for his work. Ștefan cel Mare is designed with a crown and a rich garb like a real Moldovan householder used to be.

The monument was erected near the main entrance of the Central Park. It was completed in 1927 and opened on 29 April 1928, marking the 470th birthday of Ștefan cel Mare. It replaced the monument of Alexandr II of Russia that was destroyed by Romanian authorities in 1918. Flower-laying ceremonies are regularly performed at the pedestal of this monument on each national holiday.



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