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One Hundred Hills

Orhei, Moldova

The natural reservation „One Hundred Hills” is situated near the bank of the river Prut, between the villages Braniște and Cobani.

One Hundred Hills represents a landscape of a scientific and esthetic value. It consists of a lot of hills with the height between 15-60m, the highest one is „The Gipsy Hill” with 60m. Nearby there are a lot of springs and marshes. It was called a natural monument. This place was named „Centum Monticuli” after the king of Moldova Dimitrie Cantemir. This reservation has the length of 8km and the width of 2,3-1,7km. According to a legend a long time ago the servicemen who died in the battle are burried in these hills. You can admire a fantastic landscape and namely the sunrise or the sunset from the Gipsy Hill.

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