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Monastery Vărzărești

Nisporeni, Moldova

The Monastery Vărșărești is the oldest hearth of praying situated in the area between the Dniestr and Prut rivers and founded by Stan Vărzari squire. It is located at 70 km from the Chișinău city. Oficially the monastery was documented in 1420, April 25 in a note issued by Alexandru Voevod. Vărzărești Monastery is unique in its way because it keeps alive the memory and spirit of the times gone by: sanctum built by the end of XIX century-XX century. This monastery is very important  and attractive as well as because of the groin hosts underworking Icon Miracle of Virgin Mary known as „de la Vărzărești”, a small part of the wood from the Holy Cross and many bits of relics of the saints.

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