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Memorial Complex - Eternity

Chisinau, Moldova

In Soviet times the Memorial Complex - Eternity was called as Victory Memorial. The Memorial represents a pyramid of 5 styled rifles of 25 meter high. At the base of this pyramid there is a large five pointed star and the eternal flame burns in its center. The six stone stela symbolize some particular milestones of World War II, including the very first days and ending with the Day of the Great Victory. Along the alley 155 marble slabs engraved with the names of soldiers who died a heroic death are installed. The whole ares is covered with white stone slabs. 

The monument was made in the honour of the memory of the soldiers who died in the liberation battles of Moldova and Chișinău during the war against Nazi occupiers.

The 24th of August 2006 is the date of opening the memorial after the restoration, on this day Moldova was liberated from German-Romanian invaders

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