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Dendrarium Park

Chisinau, Moldova

Dendrarium park is the biggest park in Chișinău City situated not far from the center.

It was founded in 1973 instead of another natural place Botanical Garden. At the beginning it had the surface of 73 hectares, currently it has over 83 hectares. Here you can find more than 1000 kinds of plants. 

Here is always quiet, you have the feeling that you are not in the city but somewhere in suburbs. The park has a big area with many roses, lakes with ducks and ponds with lilies, benches to sit and watch people, big fields for flying kites and playing ball, a little forest to walk through and much more.

People prefer this place because of the silence and the beauty. If you decide to go for a walk at weekend then you have the possibility to be the spectator of newly married couples who come here to take photos.

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