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Cricova Winery

Cricova, Moldova

Cricova winery is located in the town with the same name, 11km north of Chișinău and it is the largest winery with the biggest cellars in the whole world area.

Here, underground, there is a real city of wine with streets such as: „Cabernet”, „Feteasca”, „Pinot”, warehouses, tasting rooms and even buses for tourists. The length of the underground galleries is about 60kms and the constant temperature in the cellar is about +12C. These are teh perfect conditions for keeping 30.000.000 litres of high quality wine. The oldest wine dates back to 1902.

Cricova produce sparkling wines in accordance with the classical French method, purportedly invented centuries ago by the monk Dom Pierre Perignon „Methode Champenoise”. The Grand Cellars of Cricova house a remarkable collection of wines - The National Oenotec. 



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