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The Time To Get Wings Tour

The Time To Get Wings Tour Packages
Country: Moldova
City: Chisinau
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Paragliding

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Tandem flights in the most pictoresque places of Moldova

The Time To Get Wings !

You are tired of ordinary things and there are no bright colors in your life? Paragliding is an unforgettable experience. Fresh breeze, the endless blue skys, the absolute freedom and of course no worries!

What is this?

Paragliding is a ultralight glider. Paragliding tandem is destinated for two people, the pilot and the passenger. The flight is controlled by a professional pilot who is behind while the passenger is sitting in front on an outboard comfortable system enjoying the amazing landscape. the passenger hands are not occupied that's why he has the possibility to take photos during the flights. Using updrafts, a paraglider can fly for hours under the clouds, rising thousands of meters, flying hundreds of kilometersa without fuel. Paragliding gives the feeling of a free flight, with no obstacles in the form of cabins or windows and the most important, being there up in the sky there is no the fear of heights.

The flight with the paragliding is a great way to experience a new sensation for those who like adventure and extreme sports. The flight will provide with the required portion of adrenalin. For those who are not looking for an extreme, a calm flight will give you a sense of calm, it will allow to rest from monotony and to gain strength.

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