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On German Traces Tour

Country: Moldova
City: Chisinau
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Culture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

Package Itinerary

The toristic route „On Germans traces from Basarabia” - „Routes to the roots” offers a complex and ample program in order to find out information about the history of German ethnicity on the lands of the Republic of moldova. We included in this touristic route some of the regions that were previously German colonies where we can still find elements of religious architecture and rural architecture such as houses and cellars that are specific to German communities. The touristic program includes also the presentation of some tombstones samples that belong to the german ethnicity who lived on these lands. Today they are considered to be true monuments of history. The commemorative plaques that were installed by the descendents of German settlers from the XIXth century show the care and their attachment to the old homeland. The location from the point of view of Geography of the former German colonies included in the route folds perfectly on one of teh most important wine circuits from Moldova. It is important to mention that the agriculture including the cultivation of vines was the main source that was ensuring the existence of german colonies from Basarabia. Thus, the historical program is harmoniously combined with the presentation of the most important wine-growing regions and companies from the Republic of Moldova.

Day 1:

Transfer from the airport to the hotel. The tour of Chișinău City: Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Boulevard, the Metropolitan Cathedral „Nativity of the Lord”, the Parliament, the Circus, the Opera and Ballet National Theatre „Maria Bieșu”, the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova, the Railway Station, the monument „ The Train of Pain”, the National Square, the Arch of Triumph, the monument Ștefan cel Mare, the Public Garden, the Classics Alley, etc. The visit of the underground city winery „Cricova”. In the evening, the dinner in the restaurant „La Taifas”, a totally traditional style including a folk program.

Day 2:

The first destination on the touristic route is the locality Anenii Noi. The German settlers come on the estate of people from Aneni, or from Pașcani or from Nicolaevca in 1887. In front of the colony was the German Filip Flemer. Here you will have the possibility to visit the square „Aleea Gării” where there is a commemorative plaque in the memory of those people who established the German colony. Also you will see the building where the former Evanghelical-Lutheran church was found in the XIXth century and that was built by German settlers as well as a typical German home preserved almost intact just with some minor adjustements inside.

The next destination is the city Ștefan Vodă, a city founded by German settlers in 1909. Here you will visit the quarter where the Germans from Basarabia lived. In 1999, the members of the Association the Germans from Basarabia instaled a commemorative plaque in the memory of colony founders.

The next destination is Chateau Purcari that is wine the pearl from Moldova. It was founded in 1817 and it is the owner of hundreds of international awards regarding the wine quality, the wines that were served to Nicolai II, the king George V and the British Queen Victoria. The history of the locality as well as the winery is linked to german settlers, one of the founders of the winery was Harmizone a representative of German settlers. Sold in Dermark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, Purcari wines are higly valued all over the world.

Then you are going to visit another winery that is a young one - the winery Etcetera where you wil be guided by the owner and the chef winemaker.

Accomodation or return back to Chișinău

Day 3:

The German colony Marienfeld, the toponym that expresses in german the Mary Hills was founded in teh late XVIIIth century. Afer the repatriation of Germans in 1940, here we can find some traces of this ethnic group in the village architecture, the cemetery which has some funeral stones - now monuments of history of those people who lived on these lands. Also, here there is a monument instaled by the descendents of German settlers in the memory of their ancestors. A special attraction of this pace is the family Pânzari sheepfold. You will have a trip to the fold, taste cheeses and you will see a folk program of a local troop „Busuioc Moldovenesc” that will retell you the „Datina ciobăniei” through song and dance.

Another destination is the locality Pervomaisc, in the past it was a German colony called Emental. It is one of the dozens German colonies established on the lands of Basarabia by the Russian Empire after 1812. The German colony comes from Warsaw. In 1907 there were 300 germans settled in well-appointed homes, on straight and clean streets.

The program will be finished with a visit to a winery from this region, the winery Asconi. The Company Asconi was founded in 1994 and currently it has fantastic results in the wine industry. The company has about 400 ha of vine situated near the villages Geamăna, Anenii Noi District. The Winery Ascony opens its doors to all kind of tourists and offer them an unforgettable experience in the wine industry. Here you will see the wine fields, the process of wine making, the tasting of select wines and you will have the lunch with meals from the traditional cuisine.

The return to Chișinău

Transfer to the airport in Chisinau for the trip back home.

Included Services:

  • Transport with air conditioning from/to the Airport;
  • Transport services throughout the program;
  • English speaking specialized guide;
  • Entrance fees, according to the program;
  • 2 nights accommodation with half board (breakfast + dinner);
  • Map;

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