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Moldova Popular Places to Visit

Orheiul Vechi

Just an hour outside of Chisinau is Orheiul, or Old Orhei, Moldova’s most incredible sight. It’s an archaeological complex with rich cultural and historical significance.  It’s also a place of stunning natural beauty. Overlooking the Raut River, this open-air complex features fortifications, baths, caves, ruins, and monasteries – all which date back as late as the Dacian tribes of 2000 years ago. The ancient monuments date from various periods including the Tatar and Mongol invasions, the 10th century BC, and more recently the occupation of the Golden Horde in the 14th century. Because of the unusualness of the area, a museum has been built that offer exhibits and provide information and context for such a unique place.


Milestii Mici Wine Cellar

Moldova is the least visited country in Europe and who would ever thing, that a tourist attraction, signed in Guinness book of world records, is found here. Not to mention their wine cellar Milestii Mici is one of a kind – driving around with your own car is surely one of a kind experience. If you are a true expert in wine and know about it more than an average person, you have definitely heard for Milestii Mici wine cellar. If you haven’t, you are probably familiar with the fact, that Moldova was the biggest production of wine in a formal Soviet Union. Milestii Mici wine cellar produces one million bottles per year. They export them all around the world. Even if you don’t stock their wine, they can still rent you a place in their wine cellar, where conditions are best to keep wine.

Milestii Mici wine cellar has a unique location. To stock wine, they are using a formal mine, which has so large pits that we can even drive around them in a car. There is more than 200 kilometers of pits in Milestii Mici wine cellar, but so far only 55 kilometers are used.

The lowest point in the wine cellar lies 85 meter bellow the ground and because of that, Milestii Mici wine cellar has perfect characteristic to stock wine. It has a constant temperatures (12-14°C), which is perfect for aging and stocking wine. The mine has been transformed into a wine cellar in 1965. The Milestii Mici wine cellar has even its own source of water, which is used for cleaning the large barrows.

Milestii Mici offers different types of guided tours. You can decide to only see the wine cellar or to join this with a wine tasting at the end. There is differentiation also in wine tasting and all depends on the number of wines you want to try and what kind of snacks you want with it.

Chisinau, Moldova

The National Opera

The Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Moldova is the pride of the national musical culture. 

For the Republic of Moldova as well as for the majority of Europeen states, Ballet and Opera Theatre represents awareness at a superior level of a spiritual recovery of the people national essence. In 2007, the 50th anniversary from the institutionalization of National Opera in Chișinău was marked. This institution of a great importance for the national culture represents a symbol of a high civic responsability towards the national traditions. 

This place is famous for its singing voices. It is very rich in gifted people whom nature endowed with vocal ability. The theatre has always attracted  many opera tours. Many famous singers visited and performed here. The beginning of the oppening of Opera Theatre was in the middle of ‛50s. In 1956 the first performance was acted. All these years it was full with everything that could show and consolidate the results of collaboration of many generations of artists-singers and dancers, conductors and producers, of many art adherends of that big collective whose name is Theatre. In the early ‛60s a new generation joined the theatre company, one of which was the young graduate of local conservatory Maria Bieșu. Every year the international festival „Maria Bieșu invites” gathers many world-known artists.


Chisinau, Moldova

The Classics Alley Of National Literature

The Classics Alley is a sculptural complex located in the Central park. On both sides of the alley there are the red granite busts of Romanian literature figures and the main leaders of the Republic of Moldova. The alley is located between the boulevard Ștefan cel Mare and the bronze bust of  Alexandru Pușchin, set on a granite column and made by the Russian sculptor Alexandr Opeșuchin in 1885. The alley was built and received its name in 1958 and from that time it became one of the most important touristic attractions in Chișinău. At the beginning, there were only 12 sculptures, but after the fall of teh Soviet Union, teh local authorities added busts of Romanian and Moldovan writers and poets who were banned during the Soviet regime. Currently, along the alley there are 26 busts including that of Alexandr Pușkin.




Chisinau, Moldova

The Monument - Ștefan Cel Mare

In 1923-1928 the sculptor Alexandru Plămădeală was proposed to elaborate a project of „Ștefan cel Mare” monument. In order to make the exact figure of Ștefan cel Mare, the sculptor traveled to a lot of monasteries until he had found a perfect model that date from 1475. A. Plămădeală used this picture for his work. Ștefan cel Mare is designed with a crown and a rich garb like a real Moldovan householder used to be.

The monument was erected near the main entrance of the Central Park. It was completed in 1927 and opened on 29 April 1928, marking the 470th birthday of Ștefan cel Mare. It replaced the monument of Alexandr II of Russia that was destroyed by Romanian authorities in 1918. Flower-laying ceremonies are regularly performed at the pedestal of this monument on each national holiday.



Chisinau, Moldova

Pădurea Domnească

The Scientific Reservation Pădurea Domnească is an area protected by the state and it is located in the West of Glodeni and Fălești districts. It was founded in 1993. The surface of the reservation is about 6032 ha and it lays on a distance of about 40km. This reservation is situated in the meadow of the river Prut and it is unique in its biodiversity, the kind of soils and vegetation, the relief. The main purpose is to keep the most representative meadow forests and the rare species of birds, plants and animals.  This is the oldest forest and one of the oldest meadow forest from the Europe. Pădurea Domnească is a fortune for Moldova, it has a fantastic landscape in any season o the year.

Glodeni, Moldova

The Prut Rocks

The Rocks of the river Prut represent a chan of limestone formations laid on a distance of about 200km. They are declared to be monuments of nature and they are protected by law. They are composed from corals, molluscs, seashells and seaweeds. 15-20 million years ago there was the Sarmatic sea on these places. Even currently you can see the traces of animals from those times. This is the only monument in Moldova that allow us to study that fortune stoned in time. This chain has the same genesis as the coralifferous chain from Australia that is under completely under water. 

Glodeni, Moldova

One Hundred Hills

The natural reservation „One Hundred Hills” is situated near the bank of the river Prut, between the villages Braniște and Cobani.

One Hundred Hills represents a landscape of a scientific and esthetic value. It consists of a lot of hills with the height between 15-60m, the highest one is „The Gipsy Hill” with 60m. Nearby there are a lot of springs and marshes. It was called a natural monument. This place was named „Centum Monticuli” after the king of Moldova Dimitrie Cantemir. This reservation has the length of 8km and the width of 2,3-1,7km. According to a legend a long time ago the servicemen who died in the battle are burried in these hills. You can admire a fantastic landscape and namely the sunrise or the sunset from the Gipsy Hill.

Orhei, Moldova

Vadul Rașcov

Vadul Rașcov is a village in Șoldănești District. It is situated on the bank of the river Nistru, 105km away from Chișinău City. The township is composed of two villages: vadul Rașcov and Socola. According to a legend, the name of the locality comes from a squire Rașcu who had land on the both banks of the river Nistru and who built a road on the river. A well-known personality and writer was born in this locality. Here you can admire a wonderful lanscape and sanctums in the rock, the Jewish cemetery, the river Nistru so close. 

Soldanesti, Moldova

Țaul Park

About 200km far from Chișinău City, in the North of the country, just in the centre of Village Țaul, district Dondușeni there is the biggest park in Moldova. It was created at the beginning of XX century around the family mansion Pommer. In the center of the park there is a lake. The park is divided in two parts, in the upside one you can admire the mansion of Pommer as well as many floristic alleys and bushes. The downside part looks like a big forest with various trees, most of them exotic, bushes, flowers, tracks with the length of about 12,5 km, and of course open sunny clearing. This park is one of the favourite place not only for the Moldovan visitors but also for foreign tourists.

Donduseni, Moldova