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About Us


Moldova is a small country in Southeastern Europe bordered by Romania on the west and Ukraine on the north, east, and south. Moldova has a total surface area of 33,843 square kilometers (13,067 square miles). It is landlocked, even though it is very close to the Black Sea. The capital, Chişinau, is situated in the center of the country. Moldova is a large rural country, made up of gently rolling farmland with numerous lakes, small villages, and woodland.

“Lonely Planet” appreciated Moldova as one of the most enigmatic country of the Europe,  as well as it is named the first one in the list of the most unexplored countries from the whole world. Which defined us as an ecologically country, where you can find everything absolutely authentic.

When you are planning to visit our country , for sure , You might be curious to know that:

  1. Moldova is placed the 12th among the top world wine exporters.
  2. Vine growing and wine making in Moldova counts for almost 5,000 years.
  3. The largest underground wine cellar in the world, Cricova, is “hidden” in this country.
  4. The Milestii Mici’s wine collection of 1.5 million bottles has been included in the Guinness World Records at the category The Largest Quality Wine Collection in the World.
  5. Strong Drinks Museum, in Tirnauca village, is the largest building in the world in the shape of a bottle (28m).
  6. There are 30 monasteries (some of them dating back to 15th century) and wood churches.
  7. The second official language of Gagauzia, situated in the south of Moldova, is a dying out language, with only 200000 speakers.
  8. Russia still has 2,500 troops and 22,000 tons of ammunition in Transnistria.
  9. The Cave “Emil Racovita”, in Criva, is the 8th greatest cave on the planet.
  10. During the Soviet Union period Moldova was the most densely populated republic.
  11. The greatest ruler of Moldova, Stefan cel Mare, (1457-1504) won 34 wars out of 36 fought.
  12. Moldova is one of only three national flags that differ on their obverse and reverse sides – the others are Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.
  13. Out of 152 countries included in the ranking of Internet access speed, Moldova is on the 3rd place.
  14. Cleopatra Stratan holds the record for the highest paid young artist, the youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the youngest artist to score a #1 hit in a country.
  15. Congaz is the largest village in Europe.
  16. In the time of the USSR Soroca became the Gipsy capital of the world.
  17. The oldest oak tree here is 600 years old.
  18. The biggest animal that ever lived on this territory is “Denoterium”, a breed of what is known to be like an elephant.  The animal’s skeleton is now preserved in the ethnographic museum and is considered to be the second biggest in Europe.
  19. There are more than 40 parks in Moldova (old arrangements of different tree species, exotic plants and lakes) from which 20 are in good repair.
  20. The biggest park is Taul Natural Reservation (46 ha), offering quiet and beautiful settings.  There are more than 385 of such protected zones, the most interesting places being the caves and the coral formations.